Thursday, June 24, 2004

Friends Forever?

Graduation is always a very special occasion in a person's life. They have succeeded one chapter of their life and are now moving on to start a new one. One thing that I am starting to notice about my graduations are the lack of communication me and my friends have. When I graduated from high school slowly but surely me and my closest friend lost contact. It has now been two years after my high school graduation and I haven't talked to her in close to 6 months and that was just a simple hey how are you conversation. I have just graduated from college and already can tell that my closest friend and I are not talking as much. I know its only been a week but I've only talked to her like 3 times and it was maybe for 5 minutes. I just hope that I am completely wrong about my whole theory. I just felt like writing this, trying not to take it to serious, because I'm really hoping that I wrong.


  • The best friendships are made when you share a common struggle. That's why friends from school are good. But you still have to work at keeping the ties strong. Not to sweat though, there are plenty of struggles ahead and many opportunities for new friends.

    By Blogger Aubrew, at 12:50 PM  

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